The 3rd International Symposium of Acupuncture in Taiwan

2012 / 01 / 08 (Sun.)


We hold The 3rd International Symposium of Acupuncture in Taiwan at the National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine in the morning on Sunday January 8th, 2012. Taipei city rained in these days, but luckily it was a sunshine day. It seemed to predict that we will perfectly host the meeting. The staffs of the conference decorated the venue and rehearsed the process to prepare for today’s conference in National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine at 8 am.


The guests and participants continued to report the venue. This time the major participants are from Sao Paulo Medical who are medical staff and acupuncture experts in Brazil, National Yang-Ming University who are international students and the TCM doctors in Taiwan. The main purpose of the meeting is established to promote international exchanges of acupuncture and also make international students better understand acupuncture in different countries with different ways to operate. However the treatment is in different ways but we have same goal to cure more patients and enhance the quality of medical skills.

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      The 3rd International Symposium of Acupuncture in Taiwan opened in a beautiful sunny morning. The Secretary of Department of Health, Lin,Chi-Hung and the Director of National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, Huang, Yi-Tsau all at the ceremony. The chairman of Committee on Chinese Medicine and Pharmacy, Huang, Lin-Huang gave the first lecture, introduced the development of Chinese medicine in Taiwan these two years, which refers to the Taiwan national Health Insurance covers Chinese medicine, it is global initiative policy. Taiwan is also the leading country of developing the report system about interaction between Chinese and Western medicine. In addition, Taiwan has been actively developing standards for quality control of traditional Chinese medicine. Participants understand the development of Taiwan's unremitting efforts, so I feel as proud of the people of Taiwan.。

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The meetings in the morning are very enrich. Professor Lin,Jaung-Geng described evidence-based medicine in acupuncture, let us see the progress of modern medicine and scientific research, as well as Doctor Li Shih-Min from Brazil described Brazilian physicians practicing acupuncture and teaching situation, let us understand that there is a group of practitioners to care for patients, but also for the teaching of Chinese medicine at the other site of  Pacific.


After all participants having dainty lunch boxes and taking a rest, all participants visited Herbarium of National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine first in the afternoon. This herbarium was started in 1963. This herbarium collected mainly medicinal plants found in Taiwan, China and other country with the mission of research and education of Chinese medicine. The subjects displayed are medicinal plants, medicinal animals, medicinal minerals. Now, they over 5,000 determined specimens have been numbered. Many participants were very surprised and interesting in those specimens by guided tours.

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The first speech was Dr. Horng-Seng Shiuh from Director, the Department of Acupuncture & Traumatology of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, he gave us the lecture on using DNA microarray analysis to investigate the therapeutic of allergic rhinitis by acupuncture. He applied both the latest Western technology and the traditional Chinese acupuncture in therapy to make the results more standardized and scientific.


Next speaker was Dr. Wan-Wen Andre Tsai from Brazil. He told us his experience in treatment of musculoskeletal pain in Brazil. He assessed with western medicine methods, but using acupuncture as a powerful tool to treat differential pain. It was mean acupuncture treatment was accepted in Brazil.


After taking some dessert and rest, the next speaker was Dr. Tu-Hsing Wu from Brazil. He gave us a speech about his experience in using Wen’s scalp acupuncture for stroke sequelae. He used MRI to evaluated stroke patient after Wen’s scalp acupuncture treatment. It was a new method for treating stroke.


The next one speaker was Dr. Chung-Hua Hsu from Medical Deputy Affair, Branch of Chinese Medicine, Taipei City Hospital. He gave us the lecture on treating obesity by acupuncture and green tea extraction (EGCG). He was good at doing clinical trials and shared his experience in how to conduct them. 


The last speaker was Dr. Hsun-Fen Chien from Brail. She told us her new concept for Hua Tuo Jia-Ji point application in Brazil. She gave us a lot of new direction on acupuncture. After Dr. Chien’s speech, all participants took pictures together. The 3rd International Symposium of Acupuncture in Taiwan end in a satisfactory way.


     One hundred twenty-five people attended the international symposium, including twenty-three physicians from acupuncture center of Sao Paulo hospital, six international students and ninety-six domestic physicians. There are six overseas countries which the conferees came from, namely Brazil, Ecuador, Thailand, Germany, Indonesia and India.Through this international symposium, we can understand the status of acupuncture in the world, and the use of acupuncture in every country. We hope the international symposium can make more international exchanges about the acupuncture to get more circulation of information and more gains.   

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