2011.10.21 Welcome the Taipei Medical University, School of Health Care Administration and Dr. Stoller visiting Taipei City Hospital of TCM Branch.

Prof. Hsu lead the foreign students into TCM branch.

IMG_0770.JPG Here is the welcome poster

  IMG_0758.JPGDr. Hsu introduced TCM branch.

 IMG_0767.JPG   Dr. Wu felt the pulse of foreign students.

 IMG_0783.JPG  Mr. Chiu introduced the chinese common use herbs to froeign students. 

 IMG_0789.JPG  Visiting the producing process of chinese decotion.

IMG_2259.JPG   Big group

 IMG_2240.JPG   Welcome poster of Dr. Stoller

IMG_2277.JPG   Dr. Hsu introduced TCM branch and clinical research.


Thanks for your coming.

Welcome your visiting.

TCM Training Center



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