There were two groups which comes from Anhwei and Jiangsu visting TCM Branch.

  • The vice president of Chinese Medical Association of Anhwei Mr. Don led 21 persons of medical worker to Taipei City Hospital of TCM Branch.

100.11.08大陸安徽省中醫藥學會至中醫參訪 009.jpg 

Conference between TCM branch and Chinese Medical Association of Anhwei .             


100.11.08大陸安徽省中醫藥學會至中醫參訪 031.jpg Medical workers of Anhwei visit clinic room of  Acupuncture and Moxibustion. 

 100.11.08大陸安徽省中醫藥學會至中醫參訪 033.jpgDr. Lan introduced the acupuncture. 

 100.11.08大陸安徽省中醫藥學會至中醫參訪 037.jpg Visiting pharmacy of TCM branch

 100.11.08大陸安徽省中醫藥學會至中醫參訪 053.jpg

Dr. Zheng and Mr. Don exchanged the presents to each other for memory this visiting.

  •  The nurses of Jiangsu came to our Hospital to make medical exchange.

 100.11.08中國江蘇省人民醫院護理專家至中醫參訪 004.jpg The participants

 100.11.08中國江蘇省人民醫院護理專家至中醫參訪 006.jpg Dr. Hsu introduced Taipei City Hospital of Linsen and TCM branch.

 100.11.08中國江蘇省人民醫院護理專家至中醫參訪 012.jpg

 100.11.08中國江蘇省人民醫院護理專家至中醫參訪 021.jpg  Big group


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